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Welcome Craft Brewers & Distributors

Thanks to our Smokey Pub Sponsors!

Who has California's Best BBQ Brew?

If you love BBQ the way we do. then you'll agree nothing goes better with a rack of ribs or a beef brisket than an ice cold brew. So we've set out to find California's Best BBQ Brew!

This is a People's Choice competition and the winner will receive a cash prize & bragging rights at this year's Bands, Brews & BBQ competition.

If you think your brew has what it takes, simply complete the form below and hit submit. A representative will contact you within 24 hours regarding your submission.

Brewers Will Be Provided With:
Table & Chair
Volunteer pourers (request in event application comments)
Website & Social Media marketing prior to the event
Copies of 1-Day ABC Permit (e-mailed prior to event)
Ceres Chamber of Commerce 501(c)(6) number is: #94-2705833.

Brewers Need to Bring:
10’x10’ pop-up tents
Jockey Box
Two to four “styles” of beer
(3) 15 gal. kegs recommended
Bottle Opener (if applicable)
Ice Buckets (if you need one, please ask)
Marketing Materials



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